Fees & Insurance

Health InsurancE 

Clients’ health insurance benefits and eligibility, including fees, deductibles, copays/coinsurances, what is covered by the insurance and clients, are provided to clients after completing New Client Screening.

  • For clients covered under a health insurance plan wherein our practice is in-network, a copay/coinsurance will be the amount they pay per session as designated in their health insurance plan. If clients have a deductible, they will pay per session the full contracted rate as designated by the insurance company until the deductible is met and then the copay/coinsurance will apply to each session.
  • For clients with health insurance wherein my practice is out-of-network, we will work with clients to identify what their insurance will cover for fees. Generally, out-of-network plans have a deductible to be paid first before the health insurance reimburses the client a percentage of the total fee.


For clients who pay out-of-pocket, all fees will be discussed after completing New Client Screening.

Submission of Claims

The practice submits claims for clients with in- and out-of-network insurances. Pertinent information related to the session (i.e., date, location, duration, diagnosis code, fee) are found on claims and adhere to HIPAA standards. When submitting claims, clients are authorizing Liberation Psychotherapy to disclose the minimum information necessary to the insurance carrier for reimbursement purposes.

Payment of Fees: deductible; copay/coinsurance

All fees are payable through credit card, which you will provide during the New Client Screening process. If you need to update your credit card information, please log into the SimplePractice Client Portal.

Rates for private pay without using health insurance:
Individual Therapy: $250 per 55-minute session
Couples Therapy: $350 per 55-minute session
Group Therapy: $250 per 90-minute session
Psychological Evaluation: $450 for the 55-minute intake assessment 

Outstanding Fees

When fees remain outstanding for more than 30 days with unsuccessful attempts of a suitable agreement, Liberation Psychotherapy will pursue legal means of securing the payment, including reporting the debt to collection agencies. In cases of this nature, the practice will release the client’s name, type of professional service and amount due.

In-network Health Insurance Plans:

  • Aetna (and its affiliates: Meritain and Nippon)
  • Harvard Pilgrim
  • Medicare (NYS-Downstate):  Currently paused
  • Northwell Direct
  • Optum
  • Oscar
  • Oxford
  • Point32
  • Tufts Healthcare
  • UMR
  • UnitedHealthcare (and its affiliates: Student Resources)

Cancellation Policy:

Clients must cancel within 48 hours of the scheduled session. Otherwise, clients will be responsible for the full cost of the session. Insurance carriers do not reimburse for missed/cancelled sessions and clearly they indicate the clients will be responsible for full fee in these circumstances.

If cancellations reoccur consistently, clients will lose their reserved time slot.

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