Overview of Psychotherapeutic Services:

Psychotherapeutic services focus on exploring clients’ mental health and emotional problems as a means to unearthing and clarifying the clients’ needs and expectations in life. The process can be unsettling at first and then cathartic as clients begin to realize how presenting problems were preventing them from thinking clearly due to layers of mental and emotional turmoil. Due to the minority stress of the populations with whom we engage with, therapists will explore the consequences of developmental and long-term trauma as central and crucial to the psychotherapeutic process. We are keenly aware of the individuality of the lived experience and we account for the intersectionality of identities. We listen closely and empathically to be aware of what the clients are asking of us: to be where they are at. We find clients may seek a “rapid fire” approach at the beginning of therapy, for example, assisting with immediate short-term techniques for dealing with problems; but we recognize over time, an approach that is steeped in the exploration of meaning is more profound and effective for clients when they encounter problems. 

Types of Services:

  • In-person Therapy: Weekly sessions are offered in our offices. Services are tailored to the clients’ issues.
  • Teletherapy: Weekly sessions are offered using a remote platform. Remote therapy adheres to the same policies and procedures as stated on this Website.
  • Individual Therapy: Clients work one-on-one with their therapists, utilizing various therapeutic approaches and techniques.
  • Couples Therapy: Couples work with their therapists, who have specialized training in relationship issues, using inclusive and integrative approaches.
  • Group Therapy: Details about our weekly Gay Men’s Groups can be found here: Groups

Other Professional Services:

If clients request for other professional services to be provided such as emergency sessions, report writing, disability claims, or consultation with other professionals (of course with authorized consent), the fees will be discussed with clients prior to the service being rendered. Such processes will take a minimum of 10-15 business days to complete.

Contact Beyond Scheduled Sessions:

Our therapists are reachable by telephone or email. We will respond to inquiries within 48 hours. Clients are notified ahead of time when the therapist is unavailable for an extended period of time. For a mental health emergency, please go to your nearest emergency room and request to be seen by a mental health professional.

Confidentiality & Privacy:

All services are confidential, private, and adhere to HIPAA regulations, New York State and New York City regulations, and professional ethics for social workers. When clients seek for clinical information to be released, an Authorization for Release of Information will be reviewed and clarified with the client for their approval. Exceptions that exist are when clients are a danger to themselves and/or to others, or a court order requests records. When exceptions occur, information germane to the issue identified will be released.

Client Records: Treatment plans and progress notes are maintained in a confidential manner using a HIPAA-protected records management software, which follow guidelines as prescribed by professional ethics. Clients may request these records from their therapist, but we recommend a clinical summary in order to avoid the misunderstanding of clinical jargon contained in treatment plans and progress notes.

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