Liberation Psychotherapy is a private LGBTQ-centered group therapy practice located in the heart of Rockefeller Center of Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Our foundational philosophy is based on the meaningful engagement between the therapist and client and achieved using Carl Rogers’ client-centered techniques of active-listening, empathy, and unconditional positive regard.  Liberation Psychotherapy’s primary mission is to help clients explore their experiences thereby clients can heal and grow and embrace their strengths and resiliencies. To honor and respect the uniqueness of our clients, we subscribe broadly to a liberation and integrative model because our attention is drawn to the interplay of the clients’ identities and environments. Liberation is understood through the complex realities and histories in which we are living/having lived through: sociopolitical, economic, cultural.  With an integrative approach, our therapists collaborate with clients on which treatment modalities may benefit them and can include: affirmative, bibliotherapy, client-centered, cognitive behavior, creative arts, dialectical behavior therapy, existential, holistic, narrative, psychodynamic, sexology, spiritual, and trauma.  

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