Remington A.M. Yhap, BS, BA, MSW


Specialties: LGBTQ+ Mental Health, HIV/AIDS, Depression, Sex (e.g., kink, non-monogamy/polyamory, sex-work)

I am a proud cisgender gay man from Suriname with Guyanese heritage, enriched by a cultural tapestry woven with Caribbean, West Indies, and South American norms. Rooted in objectivity and nonjudgmentalism, my therapeutic approach seeks equilibrium for meaningful connections with clients.

At the heart of my practice is active listening through an integrative lens, providing a space for clients to explore, heal, and grow openly. I am dedicated to co-creating a safe, nurturing environment that allows clients to develop authentically, free from fear or shame.

Experience the transformative power of non-linear therapy, where every intersection of your unique journey is explored. I employ an integrative method, blending humanistic, existential, and relational approaches with commitment therapy. Incorporating mindfulness, DBT, and CBT elements, I fearlessly delve into the depths, using psychodynamic exploration to unearth the roots of challenges. There are no quick fixes – just a commitment to understanding and addressing the core of your concerns for lasting, meaningful change. Your healing journey deserves a comprehensive, personalized approach.

I earned a Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) from New York University, Silver School of Social Work (NYU) and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology and a Bachelor of Art (B.A.) in Studio Art from The City College of New York of The City University of New York.

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