Stephen Kochenash, MA, M.Ed, MHC-LP


Specialities: Acceptance & Belonging, Identify, Queer Life, Sex, Dating & Relationships (e.g. ENM), Addiction & Harm Reduction, Depression, Grief, Self-Worth, Interpersonal Relationships, Coping Skills, "Black Sheep" syndrome, Trauma, Self-Care

After a wonderful career as an English as a Second Language teacher abroad and the non-profit space, I wanted to continue to help people in a more intimate way. I gravitate towards authentic human connections and consider myself a naturally empathic person with a passion for social and racial justice, the arts, music, and culture. This is best exemplified by my experiences living and traveling abroad and my studies which have had a monumental impact on shaping my identity and worldview. I am drawn to the human condition and its intersection with identity; everyone has their own strengths. As a counselor, the ideas and work of Carl Rogers and Victor Frankl have left an impression on me and for that reason, I strive to support and empower my clients. I am a great listener and often find that this is what my clients want most, especially in this busy world of distractions and fleeting connections. My approach is informed and guided by each individual client and I will assist you in growing so that you can make the best decisions for yourself because you are the expert. 

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